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Washer Repair Calgary

Cloths washers have several parts that enable them to function normally. For the washer to serve you properly, all its parts have to be in good working condition. That is why you need to have the washer serviced regularly to remove any accumulated dust or grime, which can damage how the washer functions.

Remember, you can either choose to carry out the maintenance of your washer yourself or seek professional help. Either way, cleaning the drain pump will be part of the process, as this part plays a significant role in the functioning of the washer. Your washer repair Calgary service provider will also advise on other maintenance practices that you need to uphold for your washer to remain in peak condition.

However, it is important to note that several things can go wrong with your washing machine, ranging from leaks to severe technical failures. A professional washer repair Calgary service provider will know how to troubleshoot for such problems and also remedy them. You don’t have to resort to washing your clothes from the sink, let an expert technician carry out the repair for you.

Common washer repair issues
1.     The machine stops spinning

It is through the spinning that the clothes are wrung and washed. If the spinning can’t happen, then there is no cleaning that will take place. This problem can be caused by a faulty rotator, belt, or stator. With the help of a washer repair Calgary expert, this can be resolved, and your washer will be running smoothly in no time.

2.     Washer not filling up

If your washing machine cannot fill up, then there might be a problem with the solenoid valve. An experienced washer repair expert will be able to identify this problem and restore your washer’s normal functioning.

3.     The washer cannot start

This is commonly caused by faulty connections, which you can correct yourself. However, there are cases where a problem with internal parts leads to the washer not being able to start, and in such a scenario, it is best to involve a washer repair expert.

4.     Washer making a loud noise

It is quite annoying for your washer to produce some strange and loud sounds. In most cases, this happens when the washer is overloaded or when it has an unbalanced load. If you correct this and the problem persists, you should call for our expert washer repair Calgary service.

5.     Staining of clothesThe expected outcome when using a washer is that the clothes will come out clean. However, there are times that this stops to happen, and the clothes come out either dirty or with stains. 

A few things to try on your Dryer or washer before calling out the techs. A simple restart may sometimes cure whatever ails your machine if it seems like a computer issue. Many dryers that are not drying correctly have had their lint traps neglected and changing a lint trap could fix your dryers problems before a tech arrives.

If your washer has a leak shut off the water, a stuck water valve can leave your house flooded, even with the power to the machine off. To book a call for one of our techs to visit and have your Dryer repaired or your washing machine fixed please call us or book online.

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One of the simplest appliances in your home is your dryer.  According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), household dryers have a life expectancy approaching 20 years.  Therefore, a dryer is likely to last you a long time and because it is simple, it should be easy to repair when it ails.

Dryers use a combination of heat, air, and kinetic motion (movement) to dry clothes.  To understand the 3 forces at work, think about how your clothes would dry on a clothesline.  A bright sun and a dry breeze will dry your clothes in a snap.  The air moving through the fibers in the clothing, in combination with the radiant heat of the sun, pull and evaporate moisture from your clothes and get them dry.  A dryer does the same thing.

All dryers use a heating element (if electric) or a gas burner to generate heat.  Air comes in from the environment, passes through this heating element, and goes into the drum.  The heated air passes through the clothes, pulling moisture (and lint) with it, and goes out the back of the dryer. The exhaust hose carries the hot, moisture-laden air out to the outside of the house.  When the clothes reach approximately 90% dry (or 10% relative humidity), a moisture sensor stops the drying cycle, unless the customer has selected the time-dry option, which keeps the cycle going for the predetermined amount of time.  Important footnote: Only use the timed-dry cycle when drying articles, such as shoes, on a drying rack.  It is not wise to use it for normal drying because it will cause over or under-drying, consuming more energy and damaging your clothes in the process.  Always use an automatic dry cycle.

Most dryer problems relate to installation or use.  If your dryer appears to work normally but takes too long to dry the clothes, it means the moisture-laden hot air is not exiting the dryer properly, and it is the single most important cause of dryer fires.  

To gently and safely dry clothes, dryers use several thermostats and thermal fuses to keep the dryer operating at proper temperature.  The temperatures range from 125 degrees F for the most gentle cycle, to about 165 degrees F for the high temperature settings.  These thermostats monitor not only temperature but also moisture, in combination with moisture sensors in some dryers, to dry quickly and gently.  A fail-safe mechanism prevents the dryer from working if there is a failure in one of these thermostats.  Also, an electrical spike will cause the thermal fuse to blow out, rendering the dryer dead. 

Aside from the thermal fuses and thermostats, the only other things that a dryer needs replacement are: The heating element (about every 5-10 years), the support rollers, the belt, and the motor.  The heating element will wear out after continued use and once replaced, assuming the dryer is in otherwise good condition, will last another 10+ years.  If your dryer sounds like a freight train when it runs call and book an appointment!

Proper maintenance, which basically amounts to keeping the exhaust and lint chute areas clean, and proper use will make your dryer last many years without a problem.  Should you encounter a problem, it is always best to replace your dryer's components with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to ensure proper fit and a long-lasting, well-performing dryer

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Dryer Repair Calgary

Can we refer to a dryer as our spare sun? Of course, it is. Dryers are some of the best home appliances that get their job done quite well, with minimal human involvement required. However, for your dryer to continue serving you well, you have to ensure that it is in peak condition. You do not want to come home from work, decide to toss your sheets into the dryer only for it not to carry out the task you expect it to. (however we don't recommend running your drying unattended)

We are going to examine some of the common dryer issues, and what you can do in case they occur.

Dryer problems
1.     The dryer produces too much noise

When washing or drying your clothes, you would want to be in a calm environment. Then having a faulty dryer that produces noise will not give you the experience you desire. If your dryer starts to produce some strange sound, immediately seek for dryer repair Calgary services so that it can be checked out. The noise could be an indicator of a more serious underlying problem.

2.     Dryer Not Heating

If your dryer does not heat up, then there is no way the items inside will dry up. If this happens, the chances are that the thermostat is damaged, or the temperature switch has malfunctioned. In either case, you will require professional dryer repair Calgary services to correct the condition.

3.     The dryer overheats

If the dryer produces excess heat, then that could be dangerous to your fabrics. If you notice that this is happening, immediately switch off the dryer to prevent any damage. Overheating dryers can be caused by clogged vents or a defect heating coils and thermostat. It is important to note that the clogged vent can also lead to increased carbon monoxide levels, which is dangerous to your health.

4.     Drum Not Spinning

It is through spinning that every fabric in the dryer gets to dry. Therefore, if this does not happen, the chances are that not all clothes will dry up as you expect them to. A broken belt or motor problems can cause this defect. Seeking professional help is the best way to solve this issue.

Why is it not advisable to repair the dryer yourself?

There are times you will be tempted to repair the dryer yourself, but you shouldn’t do it. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible or that you lack what it takes to fix the dryer. But doing so can easily make the problem even bigger. You should contact a dryer repair Calgary service provider instead. Technicians know what exactly to look out for and how to repair the damage without causing more complications.

Even if you have the skills, sometimes you may lack the proper tools required to handle these electrical appliances. Therefore, you should leave the repair work to the experts as they always have the necessary tools needed for such jobs. It is important to note that doing the job on your own can prove to be more expensive compare to if you allowed a dryer repair Calgary expert to do it.Type your paragraph here.

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