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Some things to try before calling out a tech for a fridge repair in Calgary. Check the back of the fridge / freezer compartment for frost, this fridge repair can sometimes be an easy fix and if it is frosted up. Don't fear your fridge is fixable!

Try a hard reset by unplugging your system and plugging it back in if your fridge has a computer, sometimes a fridge repair can be done just by resetting the system.

Fridge repairs in the Calgary area have a low percentage of "compressor" failures, a lot of people assume its the compressor because it is not running but there are many other components that control that compressor and all of them are much cheaper than a new fridge! give us a call or                     to get your fridge repaired.

Fridge Recharge, yes we do them! it's hard to find a company in the Calgary area who does refrigeration recharging for home appliances, we take this very seriously and if your fridge needs a repair and recharge we can do it. Sealed systems are one of our specialties give us a call for a quote on what you need done.

​Remember most times it is not your compressor! 

How Does a Refrigerator Work?

A refrigerator is a large appliance for chilling food. A motorized compressor forces refrigerant through two sets of metal coils. In one set, the refrigerant becomes a gas and absorbs heat. In the other set, the gas changes into a liquid and disperses that heat to the room air.

Most refrigerators today have a system for eliminating frost. A timer turns on a defrost heater about every 12 hours to warm the evaporator coils on the back of the refrigerator. Some freezers also include an automatic defroster while others must be defrosted manually. The melted frost from either system drains into a pan under the refrigerator and evaporates.

What Can Go Wrong with a Refrigerator?

Refrigerator-freezer units are relatively trouble free. Repairs to the sealed refrigeration system, the compressor, condenser coils, and evaporator coils, are best left to a professional. When airflow across the coils is blocked, the unit may run continuously or not run at all, The refrigerator may stop operating. The unit may cycle too often. Food may not be kept cool enough or be kept too cold. The defrost system may fail. The refrigerator may make too much noise. Door seals may fail. CPU may fail, thermastors could malfunction, ect ect

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If your refrigerator gets damaged today, you may end up losing a lot. Not only will it inconvenience you, but it may also lead to the damage of stored food, or cause a spike in energy usage. This therefore means that refrigerator damage is one of the costliest repair issues you may have to deal with. To ensure that you do not suffer significant losses from a refrigerator malfunction, always get rapid fridge repair Calgary services from a trusted appliance repair company.

So, what are some of the common refrigerator issues?

1.     Refrigerator can’t keep food cold

Typically, a fridge is supposed to ensure that stored food remains cold at all times. If you notice that this is not happening, then you may need the fridge repair service. Before you call for professional help, check to ensure that the malfunction is not caused by a faulty connection, blocked ventilation, or clogged coils.

2.     Items begin to freeze

There are times when the temperatures in your refrigerator will fall too low, and stored items start to freeze. This mostly happens when the thermostat responsible for regulating temperatures gets destroyed. It is the work of the temperature thermostat to ensure that the refrigerator is always within a certain temperature range that can keep foods cold and not frozen. If this is not happening, then that component requires repair.

3.     Broken ice maker

Modern refrigerators come with an in-built ice maker for added convenience. If your fridge has suddenly stopped making ice, then you need to get fridge repair Calgary services. However, before you call for help, check to confirm that the water inlet valve is open, and there is no debris in the water filter.

4.     Refusal to Run After Being Transported

Essentially, your refrigerator is supposed to function regardless of the location it is being used in. If you move from one place to another and suddenly your fridge can not work, then something may have happened during transportation.

To ensure that this does not happen to you, always transport your refrigerator while it is in an upright position. Laying it down forces the compressor lubricant to escape into cooling pipes. If you plug the fridge into a power source before this lubricant leaves the cooling tubes, you risk damaging the fridge permanently.

If you have to transport the fridge while it is laid down, then you will have to allow it some time for the lubricant to settle back before plugging it to a power source.

5.     Frost formation

This is a common problem with old refrigerators. If you notice this issue in your refrigerator, there is no need to get worried, inspect the fridge to ensure that there is no cracked space that may be allowing in warm, moist air, which causes the formation of frost in a refrigerator. If there’s no opening letting in warm air, then there could be an issue with the defrost sensor. Either way, it is advisable to get fridge repair Calgary to restore your fridge into normal functioning.


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A leaking fridge can usually be fixed in less than half an hour and save you thousands in hard wood or dry wall repairs. Call us to save yourself from the headaches of water damage. If its not cooling that can still be a very economic repair compared to replacement. 

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