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My husband had pulled apart our dryer to try and fix it himself. After about a week and the dryer being put into a box of parts we called the professional. He got the dryer up and going in under an hour! Thanks guys

I called several companys who all wanted $100 to drive to my home. None of this went towards the final bill. T*** kept intouch as to when he was arriving, fixed my machine and the travel time went against my bill. The cost the most reasonable i have ever had! Need Appliance Repair Calgary Call Them. 

Fixed my fridge that wouldn't defrost. Booked online and they got back to me right away. In fact, all communication with them was great. They even have an app to track your appointment. Prompt, friendly and knowledgeable service. Would not hesitate to use again.

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Rely on our dedicated and experienced team  to produce results. Call our office now to schedule an appliance repair .

403-305-5161      Fridge Recharge or refrigeration recharge for your home refrigerator is one of our many skills. Call or Email if you need a recharge.

Calgary, not sure who to trust?  The Quality Appliance Repair team are the  best in the business.  They build their business one satisfied customer at a time. 

Appliance Repair Calgary

Home appliances have become so integral in our daily lives. They have made life more comfortable, and living without some of the basic appliances may prove challenging. This is why it is always a frustrating experience whenever the appliances get damaged and can no longer serve as they are supposed to.

There are situations where you can do the repair needed for your appliance, but there are some faults that are too serious, you will need the help of an appliance repair Calgary professional.

Before you repair on your own

Remember that you should not fix any appliance on your own if its warranty has not already expired. Otherwise, call the company responsible for the warranty, and they will offer assistance with the repair. If you repair yourself, you will have automatically made your warranty null and void.

Professional Appliance Repair Services

The other option for repairing your damaged appliance is by seeking the help of a professional appliance repair Calgary company. You can check out our professional appliance repair Calgary services; we have expert technicians that will help to resolve any appliance problem.

It is important to note that appliance repair can be done from your home.  For large appliances, it is typical for the companies to make a home service call. 

How will you know that your appliance requires repair services?
1.     If it is not operating correctly

In any case, if your appliance is not working as it should be, then that should be a warning sign that it needs some repair. Appliances are usually designed to carry out specific tasks and in a certain way, therefore if it is not able to do so, seek for professional appliance repair Calgary help. Remember that getting professional help is advisable because it is safer compared to repairing electrical devices by yourself.

2.     Increased Energy Bills

Most people do not know this, but one of the easiest ways to identify when an appliance needs repair is if you realize an increase in the energy bills. A faulty washing machine will consume more energy, leading to high bills at the end of the month. If you realize a spike in your energy bills, it is time for you to inspect all appliances and seek for professional repair services.

3.     If the appliance is making odd sounds

You understand how each appliance in your home should behave when in use. Most appliances rarely produce any sound, and if you notice that they’ve started producing an odd sound, then you need to call for professional appliance repair Calgary.

4.     If you experience power flickers

If, when you plug the appliance to a power source, it causes serious power flickers, then the device may be having some underlying problem. Get it checked out immediately. Sometimes, the appliance may even remove sparks.

I would absolutely recommend Quality Appliance Repair and will definitely use them again should the need arise. Thanks for the great work!

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Appliance Repair Calgary - Appliance are on the fritz and you need a fast response for a quick fix, Quality Appliance Repair is the company Calgary home owners turn to. Our technicians are known for providing great results to our valued clients for all types of fix's.  Also as a BBB accredited company feel comfortable in the fact we really care about our customer satisfaction! If You Need Refrigerator Repair Calgary Call Us Today.

Honest Reliable Service on the Weekend
On Saturday woke up to a High Temp alarm on our upright freezer. Called a lot of companies and they were the only ones to answer the call for help. T*** was incredible, heads up message when he was on the way and then a pleasure to deal with. He quickly identified what the problem was and let us know what the costs would be to fix the problem. Due to the nature of the fix required and the likelihood the problem would reoccur T**** actually recommended we replace the freezer rather than paying him to mend it. This level of honesty is greatly appreciated. T**** very easily could have recommended we go ahead with the fix, but chose to recommend what was best for us rather than for the company. These guys should be everyone's first choice for their appliance repair Calgary needs.

 Appliance Repair in Calgary

We can get your appliance back up and running and save you thousands on a new one. Our appliance service is priority, and we look forward to servicing your needs.

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HomeStars Review Our Work

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I used their online booking system on Sunday afternoon and requested an appointment on the following Monday. About five minutes after clicking "Submit" I got a text confirmation with the time window I requested. On Monday I got a text saying when the tech was on his way, which was extremely helpful.

They showed up on time and was able to diagnose and fix my dishwasher within a half hour. He had the part with him in his van, and replaced it very efficiently. He checked to make sure everything was working before he took payment. I've dealt with the "big guys" in terms of dishwasher repair Calgary in the past and T***'s service was far, far superior and exponentially more efficient.

Excellent customer service. I had issues with my dishwasher that is still under warranty. After getting the run around from 2 other companies, I called Quality Repair and talked to T***t. He was super helpful and knowledgeable. He cleaned out my dishwasher and filter for me, and gave me some great tips which have made a huge difference. I then had him fix the agitator on my washing machine. He had to order the part and come back out a few days later, but he had the part when he said he would. His app tracker is awesome too, I work 15 minutes from home so had a text that he was on his way and was able to go home and meet him there instead of waiting at home. I highly recommend Quality Repair.

Quality Service

When I read reviews I always look to see if the person who came was nice, knew what they were doing and didn't make me feel like I was taken advantage of. All of the reviews were so positive I decided to call. T*** was so professional and amazing at his job. He had the computer part needed for my fridge - I didn't need to wait. He even made time for me on a day he was pretty busy. Customer Service is definitely a priority. I am so glad I found him. Oh and congrats on your new baby girl!

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​We've built our livelihoods on fixing all major house hold appliances: Washer Repair Calgary, Dryer Repair Calgary, Dish Washer , Washing Machine Repair Calgary, Fridge Repair Calgary & Stove Repair Calgary. All appliance repair Calgary

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We use a flat rate system when we diagnose the problem for appliance repair Calgary! With this system we waive the call out for the total quoted repair, so you know exactly how much the repair will be and there is no padding the bill with extra minutes. Our BlueBook is from The Major Appliance Services National Price Guide (MASPG) which is endorsed by the MSA, NARDA, and United Servicer's Association! For Appliance Repair Calgary Call Us Today On 403-305-5161

With our automated system and service windows be confident in your appointment not getting lost or forgotten, our system will send a message to your phone and email confirming your time, then on the date of your appliance repair appointment you will receive a text message 20-30 mins before the tech arrives, so go about your day as normal and meet us at your place when we are on the way. Don't wait around wondering.

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