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As one of the warranty depots for Electrolux and Frigidaire in Calgary we pride ourselves on fast and efficient Frigidiare fridge repairs. As a part of the Electrolux family, we specialize in these fridge repairs and have access to more information than any other company, which insures your Frigidaire refrigerator or freezer is diagnosed and fixed effectively and efficiently. 

                        Before calling for Frigidaire refrigerator repair

1. Make sure the appliance is plugged in and the breaker has not failed (yes, it is common for us to show up and flip a breaker.)

2. If your fridge has a "demo mode", try and check to make sure the fridge is out of "demo mode" (instructions can usually be found in the user manual).

3. Do NOT unplug your fridge or let it thaw out. Some tests will require a test on cold circuits and other pieces need to be seen as they are.

4. Write down any error codes that may be present on the display or any weird numbers, letters, or lines.

                 In case your Frigidiare fridge can not be repaired immediately:

    Sometimes no matter how many companies you call no one is available to get to you immedietly and it's a sad truth. We wish we could get to everyone within one day, however it is may not always be possible at the time. We have tried to find the tree that good Technicians grow from and there are just not enough at the moment!

When this happens though, here are some things we can do to save your food in your Frigidaire fridge or freezer until a Technician can get in and have it repaired:

1. In a freezer: if you have an alarm and are aware the temperature is rising, please don't panic right away. Make the call for service and try to keep the freezer closed. Your freezer is a giant cooler and, when left closed, it will hold temperature for a day or so - things may get soft but may not rot. 

2. Some ice can be added the freezer to help keep items cold.

3. A good neighbor is hard to come by, however if you are lucky enough to have one sometimes they have enough room in their freezer for the expensive/important items.

4. Transfer items into a smaller unit - e.g., beer fridge freezer, kitchen freezer, any other cold storage unit you have may be able to utilize for important items. The "free" items (like ice) could be removed to help your current need for storage.

5. Break down the packaging of products (e.g., the wings from Coscto in the big box don't need the box, just use the bag and save some space in another unit).

When you need fridge repair in Calgary call us Today On (403) 305-5161 Quality Appliance Repair

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